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["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "Ashley is a very high channel and conduit to the Divine Feminine energy residing within the Records! I felt instantly connected to both her guides and mine and received clear answers to questions I've held for a long time, along with definitive advice to implement in my everyday life, channeled directly from my guides. I also felt a profound energetic upgrade both during and after the reading, thanks to Ashley's incredible Reiki energy healing gifts. Thank you for a transformative experience."

- Joanna B., Toronto, ON


["Be Your Own Healer" Distance Reiki Attunement] "I am so grateful for Ashley’s distance Reiki Attunement! I really enjoyed the fact that Ashley is very accessible and flexible. At first, I was skeptical that I would receive the benefits of Reiki through this avenue but I was pleasantly surprised. The process was simple, fulfilling and immediately gave me the peace and protection that I desired to start “the work” of self-healing through Reiki. I find that I can easily access the feelings of calm and safety that were brought into my life during the attunement. I feel that the distance Reiki Attunement gave me the energetic upgrade I needed to go deeper with awakening my intuitive gifts. For those who are new to Reiki, it is a blessing and Ashley is a wise, gentle practitioner. I believe that Ashley’s ability to connect and bring healing into even a distant setting is such a gift. I highly recommend not only exploring Reiki, but getting attuned by Ashley."

- Jessica R., Los Angeles, CA


[Reiki Energy Healing Session] "I'm new to Reiki. Recently I had a Reiki session with Ashley and it was a very positive experience for me. I could feel the warmth of her hands and the energy in her touch. The warm tingling sensation that moved through my body was relaxing and soothing. Even after a couple of days after the session, I felt calmer and my body felt more relaxed with less pain. I loved my experience so much that I got attuned to Reiki Level 1 by Ashley a couple of months later! Now I give myself Reiki healing sessions regularly."

- Sheryl F., Westfield, MA


["Soul Tie Dissolve" Akashic Records Session] “My "Soul Tie Dissolve" reading with Ashley was truly life changing in many aspects. I knew it would be a pivotal healing moment and that it was. Her energy was so calm and loving and allowed me to surrender to what was taking place, and I felt so comfortable grieving and letting go of my relationship with my ex in the moment. Her communication with the pinnacle gave me every answer I had ever needed and left me filled with so much love and understanding. The day of the reading truly created the biggest energetic leap I have ever taken thus far and it allowed so many beneficial mental shifts to take place. I look at after this reading as starting a new chapter for myself and I truly cannot thank Ashley enough for this. I can now fully heal and move on to the better version of myself and there are not enough words to express my gratitude for this and what Ashley offered me.”

- Katie K., Portland, OR


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "I had very little knowledge of the Akashic Records before meeting with Ashley. I just knew I was curious and very drawn to having a session with her. I'm so glad I heeded that curiosity because our session ended up feeling as though I had kept a divine appointment with Self. Ashley ushered in/channeled such potent and specific information, affirmation and personal guidance. It left me with a deep sense of clarity, connection and confidence in taking a few actionable next steps in my life. I consider our session pivotal to the transformation/shift I'm currently in. I'm so grateful! Ashley has a true gift and she offers it without pretense or any manufacturing. She's wonderful, sincere and brilliant."

- Elizabeth A., Vancouver, BC


["Soul Tie Dissolve" Akashic Records Session] "I knew very little about the Akashic Records other than some basic info from podcasts, social media etc. I went into the "Soul Tie Dissolve" reading with an open mind, but also cautiously skeptical. Ashley conveyed incredible messages to me, to really help me solidify my sense of self, provide closure and context to my past relationship, and truly encourage me to step boldly into my future. I’m so grateful to have received such authentic, powerful words through Ashley, who really cared that I heard them both as a listener, and even as a friend. The messages resonated so deeply with me. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world Ashley!"

- Andrea C., Toronto, ON


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] “I really enjoyed our session. I felt like what you were saying was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. It actually made me cry! Over the past few days I have been implementing some of the things we talked about. It feels so organic and I am so grateful to have the guidance of the record. Thank you!”

- Erica G., Los Angeles, CA


["Soul Tie Dissolve" Akashic Records Session] "I connected with Ashley to do an Akashic Reading in order to dissolve the energetic tie between me and my ex which was holding me back from really moving forward. From the moment Ashley started the reading, I felt so calm and comfortable, and Ashley was able to give some very specific details right off the bat, so I knew that her connection to the energy between my ex and I was strong. The information I received was so impactful, I spent most of the reading crying as I could feel myself letting go and doing deep healing as she continued to share details of our past life together and our energetic soul connection that carried over into this life. The most amazing part of the reading was that Ashley assisted in helping me to understand the purpose of our relationship in this lifetime and helped me to fully severe the energetic tie to my ex in a loving way, allowing me to feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest. Ashley is an absolute light, and her gift has helped me in ways I didn’t know were possible. Thank you for such an incredible healing experience, Ashley!"

- Emily P., Seattle, WA 


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "How much does your past own you? Ever since I started the journey of self-discovery and healing, I wondered how many more layers of understanding I have to peel through to get to the root of my blocks, shadows and suffering. My session with Ashley came at such a timely moment in my life – I was a couple of days ahead of my return to work after lengthy maternity leave (4 years spent with 2 kids). The whole session oozed softness, understanding, and patience, and – reassuringly – was performed by Ashley with such a loving grace that I felt comfortable and 'supported' the whole time. I had some revelatory findings come up, which I am still processing a week after my Akashic Records’ reading. I feel that they’ll be a stepping-stone in shifting my energy and thinking with regards to work and money (and that was a crucial one for me). I truly recommend this way of self-inquisition for anyone wanting to lift the curtain on their blocks and fears and needing some loving direction towards their highest selves. Thank you, Ashley, for being the guide to my past and present."

- Alex R., Sydney, NSW


["Soul Tie Dissolve" Akashic Records Session] "I had the privilege of receiving a very generous 'Soul Tie Dissolve' reading with Ashley last week. Wow - is all I can say. Her reading was so super accurate and was delivered in the most compassionate, heartfelt way filled with warmth, deep deep understanding and grace. Her channelled reading through The Pinnacle helped me get clarity and peace within and, most importantly, affirmed that my intuition had been guiding me in the right direction all along. Having the recording to refer back to after the reading is also most helpful. Having allowed some time and space to allow the initial reading to land and soak in, re-listening to the recording has encouraged further clarity and fresh revelations. Ashley held such a gentle and soft space for my heart as the messages came through. I felt fully seen, heard and supported. I couldn’t recommend a reading with Ashley highly enough if you're wanting clarity, closure and insight around your relationship. My gratitude is sky-high immense! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Jamie T., Brisbane, QLD


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "I had such a great experience having my Akashic records read by Ashley. Her warmth and authenticity shine through and I immediately felt very comfortable with her. She is extremely intuitive and was able to share some very valuable insight with me. I also really appreciated the Reiki healing with Ashley shares even after the reading. I would highly suggest Ashley for anyone curious about their path and interested in seeing what information their Akashic records hold."

 - Tarah E., Bay Area, CA


["Soul Tie Dissolve" Akashic Records Session] "I recently divorced and I had a strong connection to another man after I separated. The connection was so strong but it never went anywhere but I had a such a longing for him. During my reading "Soul Tie Dissolve" reading with Ashley, the insights and the clearing process was so beautiful and the way Ashley held the space was so comforting. My life is forever changed and richer after this reading."

- Jasmine C., Sydney, NSW 


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "The reading that Ashley did for me was deeply personal. As she interpreted messages from my guides, it was as if she had been present in my thoughts over the last few months. I was in tears! My guides acknowledged my journey and encourage me to continue on this path. Ashley is fully dedicated in helping you answer your questions and deliver any messages the spirit world has for you. She truly has a gift!"

- Liz R., New York City, NY

["Soul Tie Dissolve" Akashic Records Session] "I saw a message Ashley posted in a group I belong to and felt as thought it was meant to be so I reached out and had a reaching. I had never experienced an Akashic Records reading, but felt drawn to do this because it was focused on specifically detaching from a possibly soulmate. I was struggling as to 'why' we met and why I am having such a hard time letting go and through the reading I was able to learn such a bigger message and has really helped me put this behind me so I can move forward to find my true partner."

- Monica H., San Diego, CA


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "Ashley did an Akashic Records reading for me. It was definitely the most thorough reading I have ever received. She was very patient and empathic. She provided a clear and understandable message. The whole experience was extremely expanding, it allowed me to view my issues and problems from a different angle and gain knowledge to approach it differently. The reading itself was very emotional and Ashley was extremely supportive through it. I am very happy that I had my reading with her, I couldn’t have asked for a better person. Thank you again!"

- Kinga F., Sydney, NSW


["Soul Tie Dissolve" Akashic Records Session] "I had a "Soul Tie Dissolve" reading with Ashley and it was nothing short of incredible. Ashley introduced me to the akashic records during one of her Ascension Circles and I wanted to know more. Her welcoming and deeply kind nature made me want to book a reading as soon as possible.

Before the reading I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know if I would be able to handle the information given to me. I was also nervous inviting new spiritual energy into my life as I know it’s important to set boundaries. Yet as Ashley began reading, all of those fears dissipated. I felt completely relaxed through her guided meditation and prayers. I was able to easily trust and surrender to the process.

To be honest, I didn’t know just how much I needed this. I knew on a subconscious level my relationship with a past love bothered me but I didn’t realize how much it was actually affecting me. The moment my soul mate stepped forward the tears began to stream down my face and didn’t stop the whole session. That alone was an incredible and unexpected release that was unknowingly stored deep down.

The most remarkable feeling I received was the sense of closure. I got closure by speaking to his soul, the part of him I actually fell in love with. I felt like I could have a real conversation with him instead of being cloaked with fears and insecurities. We got to tell each other how much we love each other. Instead of moving on by listing all the reasons he had betrayed me while releasing him in anger, I released with him with love. So much deep love. That felt way more aligned to who I am and I wouldn’t have been able to get to that place without Ashley’s assistance.

Ashley also received messages from the Pinnacle throughout my session which helped me understand more about how my soul mate and I are not a vibrational match anymore. I’m understanding my high-level energy and I am embodying a new enthusiasm for partnering with someone who isn’t afraid to up level their life. The mixture of release, acceptance, and enthusiasm for the future is what I have come to know as true healing.

The epiphanies are still coming as I flow through this new energy shift. Ashley’s guidance on what to expect after our session really helped me understand why certain feelings were coming up and it helped me stay in a place of surrender to the process instead of fear that it would always haunt me. I feel like I’m so loved and so supported because messages are coming to me all the time to help me through the process.

I highly recommend a Soul Tie Dissolve session with Ashley to anyone who is ready to face their blocks and move on to a higher version of themselves!"

- Julie M., Los Angeles, CA


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "My session with Ashley came at a pivotal time of transitions—in between careers, in financial disarray, between two major international moves, at the tail end of a 5 year relationship, and while reevaluating many of my primary friendships. Needless to say, I was feeling adrift and very stressed. I am so grateful for the deep sense of grounded clarity that came through during our session together. I’ve felt so much more at ease navigating these transitions since receiving the messages and it’s been such a gift being reminded that my guiding team has my back. Ashley is a wonderful facilitator between the records and her clients. I felt so held, open, and safe during our session and am very thankful for her supportive guidance through our session and for the distance reiki healing that felt like honey for the rest of the week. Our time spent together helped to bring me back home to myself in a big way. Thank you so much Ashley!"

- Natalie C., Portland, OR


["Quantum Leap" Akashic Records Session] "My reading with Ashley gave me significant insight into my professional options. Ashley's reiki background helped foster a deep meditative state for our reading, which continues to shed light on my path days later."

- Claire W., Los Angeles, CA


["Be Your Own Healer" Reiki Level 1 Attunement] "I loved my Reiki Attunement experience with Ashley. I knew immediately that she was a gifted healer and I was in good hands. She gave me a comprehensive introduction to Reiki before the attunement. During the workshop I felt solid and grounded with her guidance. For me personally, I felt a concentration of vibration on my third eye and a point in my back where I have muscle tightness. I'm using Reiki a lot already in my daily life to reduce stress & anxiety and to sleep better. I'm also giving my girlfriend Reiki sessions to help her relax & release tension, with great reviews!"

- Colin F., Northampton, MA


["Be Your Own Healer" Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Attunements] "I was attuned by Ashley for my level 1 & 2 Reiki training. Ashley had great energy and was very supportive and encouraging in the process. During my attunement I could feel a noticeable shift in my energy and continued to feel that for a few weeks to follow. My intuition and energetic healing abilities heightened and I started to release things in my own energy field and emotions I was hanging on to that no longer served my highest good. I have since continued with my energy, Reiki, and psychic practice and have given some amazing sessions to clients who have felt the healing energy immediately, and I received very accurate and healing messages for them. I would recommend Ashley for your Reiki attunements especially if you are interested in heightening your other intuitive abilities as she is very gifted herself and a great resource to discuss those gifts with."

- Darby J., Los Angeles, CA

[Course: "Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I just wanted to thank you for this amazing experience Ashley Fontaine! I feel forever changed and look forward to working with you in the future!💞"

- Andrea B., Phoenix AZ  


[Course: "Soul Tie Dissolve"] "Wow! Ashley has channeled a powerful process for releasing past relationships/partners. It came at the perfect time. I was ready to let go of a previous partner so I could move forward. And even though I’d done release work and cord cutting, there was still some residual energy there I could feel, but not see. It’s not always easy to do the work for ourselves. We need help from time to time. After the work, I felt lighter, released and clear. Free of the connection to the partner and relationship. I can think of my ex without any attachment or triggers. Just love and compassion. What a beautiful gift. Thank you, Ashley, for this powerful program."

- Kelli R., Ojai, CA

[Course: "Be Your Own Intuitive"] "It was such a beautiful course and I really loved the videos, your voice, all the things! Thank you times a million for sharing your beautiful stories with us all and building such an incredible and expansive course.”

- Lexi S., Weston, FL


[Course: "Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I love the meditations SO much!! They're such beautiful stories and I feel like I was really transported to those spaces. Thank you Ashley!"

- Julie M., Los Angeles, CA


[Course: "Be Your Own Intuitive"] "Thank you for making this amazing course, Ashley Fontaine! It’s put together so well and I appreciate how much thought and intention went into it. 💕🙏🏻💖"

- Katie B., Newport Beach, CA


[Course: "Be Your Own Intuitive"] “Ashley I just want you to know that I have been so enjoying this program. Your meditations are off the hook! Great work! ♥️💫 ”

- Giovanna Q., Denver, CO


[Course: "Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I loved this course. Super insightful for understanding the different clairs. I also loved hearing how Ashley experienced each one. Definitely eye opening."

- Kelly L., Hellertown, PA


[Course: "Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I’m absolutely loving this course. I’ve been doing the meditations at night after I put my baby to bed. I’ve noticed my dreams have become even more vivid and colorful than they already were. And I’ve had a couple “visits” in my dreams. They seem to all communicate the same thing to me: that I’m on the right path. I wake up every morning feeling clearer and more centered. Thank you Ashley Fontaine for building this fantastic program for us 💙"

- Adriana B., Los Angeles, CA


[Full Moon Ascension Circle] "I’d been feeling energetically stuck for some time & decided to go to the new moon circle to see if there was something there for me that could help shift my blocks & get clarity about the next steps on my path. I felt so empowered by the messages Ashley channeled, the energy in the room & the community of inspiring women who gathered. It all felt so synchronistic & I had a massive shift. I left with clear directives & a renewed attitude towards what’s possible. In the couple of days following, I had a business idea come through that is exactly aligned with what I want to share in the world. It’s exactly the clarity I’d been praying for. Super grateful & highly recommend!"

- Rachel L., Los Angeles, CA

[Full Moon Ascension Circle] "I wasn’t sure what to expect when I attended the new moon circle, but I was blown away by the energy that I felt in the room and the days following. Ashley has a calming, warm presence and her healing energy and spiritual work is now an essential part of my manifestation journey. I would highly recommend attending one of her sessions if you are at the beginning of, or even well along on your journey."

- Kate H., Los Angeles, CA


[Full Moon Ascension Circle]  "Ashley and Julia are truly incredible and create such a magical space for healing. I attended one of their sound healing events recently and was blown away at how intentional they are with each breath, sound, and meditation they share with attendees. I'm already looking forward to attending the next event!”

- Coley N., Los Angeles, CA


[Full Moon Ascension Circle]  "The new moon ascension circle was one of the most dynamic experiences to date. An intimate gathering of like-minded souls, it was an incredibly healing and enlivening experience. I would recommend to anyone searching to explore their true purpose and heal the shadows of their past. It was amazing and I’ll definitely go back! 💫"

- Sam A., Los Angeles, CA

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