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["Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I just wanted to thank you for this amazing experience Ashley Fontaine! I feel forever changed and look forward to working with you in the future!💞"

- Andrea B., Phoenix AZ  


["Breakthrough: Freedom From Past Relationships"] "Wow! Ashley has channeled a powerful process for releasing past relationships/partners. It came at the perfect time. I was ready to let go of a previous partner so I could move forward. And even though I’d done release work and cord cutting, there was still some residual energy there I could feel, but not see. It’s not always easy to do the work for ourselves. We need help from time to time. After the work, I felt lighter, released and clear. Free of the connection to the partner and relationship. I can think of my ex without any attachment or triggers. Just love and compassion. What a beautiful gift. Thank you, Ashley, for this powerful program."

- Kelli R., Ojai, CA


["Be Your Own Intuitive"] "It was such a beautiful course and I really loved the videos, your voice, all the things! Thank you times a million for sharing your beautiful stories with us all and building such an incredible and expansive course.”

- Lexi S., Weston, FL


["Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I love the meditations SO much!! They're such beautiful stories and I feel like I was really transported to those spaces. Thank you Ashley!"

- Julie M., Los Angeles, CA


["Be Your Own Intuitive"] "Thank you for making this amazing course, Ashley Fontaine! It’s put together so well and I appreciate how much thought and intention went into it. 💕🙏🏻💖"

- Katie B., Newport Beach, CA


["Be Your Own Intuitive"] “Ashley I just want you to know that I have been so enjoying this program. Your meditations are off the hook! Great work! ♥️💫 ”

- Giovanna Q., Denver, CO


["Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I loved this course. Super insightful for understanding the different clairs. I also loved hearing how Ashley experienced each one. Definitely eye opening."

- Kelly L., Hellertown, PA


["Be Your Own Intuitive"] "I’m absolutely loving this course. I’ve been doing the meditations at night after I put my baby to bed. I’ve noticed my dreams have become even more vivid and colorful than they already were. And I’ve had a couple “visits” in my dreams. They seem to all communicate the same thing to me: that I’m on the right path. I wake up every morning feeling clearer and more centered. Thank you Ashley Fontaine for building this fantastic program for us 💙"

- Adriana B., Los Angeles, CA



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