Not Likely A Starseed




You Scored: Not Likely A Starseed
Thank you for taking my quiz! 🙏 Your score indicates that you are most likely not a starseed. Which means you are an earth soul. Earth souls' origins are from (you guessed it!) right here on earth and not in the stars.


But, don't be discouraged! Being an earth soul is a beautiful thing!


Your curiosity and openness to explore starseeds further by taking this quiz is a sign that you are an old soul who has lived many lives and you probably have a lot of starseeds in your life


Your mission here on earth is quite literally to be "down to earth" and engage in human life in all of the physical and practical aspects. You are drawn to the earth, to food, to the land, to animals, to children, family & community and you love being in nature.
Hi, I'm Ashley Fontaine and I'm an Energy Alchemist.
As an Energy Alchemist, I'm a master of the Akashic Records and I work with the energies within the Akashic Records to create vibrational bridges between our physical world and the quantum field for starseeds, empaths and creatives.

Through my alchemy courses, energy attunement workshops and 1:1 sessions, I share these bridges with you and show you how to be your own healer / intuitive / guru & source of divine inspiration, so you can transform from seeking to certain and become the master of your destiny.
I am based in Los Angeles, California with clients & students worldwide.
Would you like to stay connected with me and be entered to WIN a free 1:1 Reiki energy healing session? I select one new winner every other week.
(Sessions are on Zoom)
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