Instant Replay - Alchemize Fear


 Thank you for joining my Adapt & Thrive 2020: Alchemize Fear workshop. 💗


If you enjoyed your experience in this workshop and you feel called to share, I would like to invite you to post a review on Facebook. Everyone who posts a review on Facebook this week will receive a free 10-minute divine feminine tarot reading with me.

Simply go here and post your review. Please include the title of the workshop in your review so it's clear which workshop you attended: "Alchemize Fear workshop"

After you post it, send me an email to hello @ and we'll schedule your 10-minute tarot reading for one day this week.

If you do not use Facebook, you can also post your review to Google here.


The next workshop in my Adapt & Thrive 2020 Coronavirus support series is Alchemize Loneliness. It will be held Live via Zoom on Sunday, May 3rd at 5pm PST.

In this workshop, we will be alchemizing low frequency emotions of loneliness, isolation and separation as it relates to our experience with the Coronavirus quarantine.

But additionally, we will be diving deeper into healing subconscious blocks and traumas around collective abandonment and separation from source /God /the creator/ the universe.

Together we will alchemize loneliness, isolation and separation into high frequency energy so we can let go, transcend, co-create and shine brightly in this new era.

I hope you will join us! Click here to sign up.


As a participant in my workshops, you are invited to join my private Facebook group. I actively participate in the group and share bonus content in there. I hope you will join! Click here.

With Love,

Ashley 💗

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