February 2021 Transmission from the Akashic Records

By Ashley Fontaine February 15, 2021


Hello my dears 💗


Happy new year! Although January 1st is considered New Year's day by the majority of the world... 2021 officially began for me on February 11th.

Thursday the 11th was the New Moon in Aquarius and a stellium in Aquarius. A stellium means that a group of planets are all in the same astrological sign at the same time. This is a rare and significant occurrence

The stellium in Aquarius included the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn and it was an auspicious time for me to channel the February 2021 energy update.

I channeled this message from the Pinnacle in the Akashic Records in the Quantum Field to help support you as you integrate all of this powerful "new world" energy.

👉 This is not a "new normal" where we accept what authority tells us we must accept for our lives, it is a "new world" where we create our lives as sovereign beings who embody Source/ God/ Infinite/ Creator consciousness. 

The overall theme I've channeled for 2021 is Claim Your Freedom.

The theme for February 2021 is Take Back Your Power.


Here is a transcription of the channeled energy update for February 2021 from the Akashic Records:


"Hello dear ones. We are the pinnacle. We are the highest point of energy inside of the Akashic records in the quantum field. This message is coming to you today, in the frequency of the divine feminine.


What do we want to say about February, 2021? This is a very exciting time. We know that for many of you, you have really been through the greatest challenges of your life, thus far. For many of you you have been wondering, will it ever end? Is it going to get better? What advantages do I even have of awakening? Seeing truth. Using my gifts, expanding my consciousness, where has it even gotten me?


For many of you, you've been in excruciating pain. You've been suffering a lot. Your consciousness has been engaged in a war. There is a war happening on your planet earth, a war of consciousness, between the light and the dark between high frequency, and low frequency.


It's a war that you were enlisted in, whether you chose to or not consciously, as your human self. You chose to be part of it as your soul self. Those of you who are listening to this message are Starseeds. Everyone who is listening to this message and finds this message on the internet is a star seed. This means that your soul came from another place other than Earth. The origin of your soul is from an Ascended galaxy, an ascended star system, which means that your soul has already gone through an ascension process before incarnating on earth. And you've gone through tremendous incarnations, with your gifts, expressing your gifts as Starseeds and helping humanity to awaken. You are old souls, and you are souls from other star systems.

So for you, your consciousness, your level of feeling, your level of emotion, your empathy, your compassion, your ability to see truths has been extremely painful for you to go through in 2020. There's been much to feel overwhelmed by in 2020. There was a lot of pain, a lot of challenges, a lot of loss. A lot of fear. A lot of doubt, confusion, scarcity consciousness.


The planet was being infiltrated with a giant injection of low frequency energy. To those of you who are sensitive, it literally felt like you were surrounded by low frequency energies. And what ended up happening for many of you is you started to see where you lose your power. You started to experience loss of power, loss of sense of self, quite literally in many circumstances - through quarantining, through not being able to see close ones, losing your business losing your job, losing loved ones. The list goes on and on. So it's not just  a theoretical sense of loss of power, it was quite literally a loss of power at many points in 2020.


On top of all of the real life things that were happening to reinforce your loss of power, you were also confronted with all of the areas of your life where you voluntarily give it away. So you were confronted with your addictions, your addictive tendencies. What you're addicted to in the actual physical realm, as well as energetically all the areas where you give your power away voluntarily.

You were shown all of these in 2020, and you were invited to transform. And that has been the case for many of you, many of you are arriving at this point. Today, feeling as though you are victorious.

And you are. And we want to congratulate you for making it through the most challenging part of the storm, of the war.

So everything that you were experiencing, every time you showed up, and kept fighting and kept raising your vibration and kept finding love and joy and compassion and happiness, kept finding those glimmers of happiness and optimism and kept going and going and going. You were winning.


And so, you have reached a point up to now, where if you have not become aware of this yet, we want you to become aware of this today in this message...

There is no external authority or source or circumstance that is going to give you permission to feel free, to feel like you have freedom. That is yours and only yours to claim. There is not going to be another human that comes along and sets everybody free from all of the distortions and pain and external circumstances that make you feel caged.


Those circumstances are illusions. And of course we are not speaking to the individuals who really are not free, and literally are in prison and cages. We are speaking to you who are hearing this message and all of you who are hearing this message are free.


But, how many of you have lost your ability to know that because of the circumstances of 2020? How many of you are still waiting for permission to be free, waiting for someone else to come along, who's going to say, you all are free. I've saved the day. I've saved the country, I've saved the planet, it's done, the war's over your freedoms are saved your freedoms are intact, the war's over and the light has won.


This is not how the Great Awakening is designed to play out. The coming, the second coming of Christ consciousness, which is the Age of Aquarius, which officially begins today (February 11th, 2021) is not about one human coming along to save the planet, to save humanity, to save you or to save anyone.


It is about you rising beyond the 3d limitations with your own consciousness to realize that you have the key to your own cage. You always have. You always will.


And through your self empowerment, you're continuing to raise your frequency, your creation of boundaries against all of the things in the 3d external environment that tried to steal your power. Only when you stand up against those things, you create those boundaries and you say no more, no more. Not today. No.


For those of you who are very empathic and sensitive, and nearly everyone listening to this message is, you have to be very discerning about your energy. If social media is bringing you down, delete it from your phone. If watching TV is putting emotions into your day, if you're feeling low energy from watching movies, turn them off. Don't watch those. Be very discerning about where you're spending your energy and time be very discerning about what people, you are allowing into your life and how they make you feel.


And then start making your choices, every step of the way. About reclaiming your freedom reclaiming your power, taking it all back, so that you can shine your light, your unique gifts. As the starseed you are and as the human you were born in this incarnation. You need to lead the others. This is your role as a starseed.


And for many of you you're, you're saying, I've tried. I've tried to wake people up in my life, I've tried to show up with my gifts I've tried and I just keep getting punished or rejected or isolated for my truth.


We're not suggesting that you keep trying to push in those directions. Surrender that pushing. Create unity in places where there was strain. Don't feel as though it's your job to raise people up anymore. That is not what we are saying here.


We are saying, know that your freedom is yours to claim. All of the cages that you feel you are in that the external environment has put you in. You hold the key to release yourself.


This is the era of the great awakening of humanity, the era of ascension of planet earth. For each individual being to know that they are sovereign and they are free. And to make choices. Knowing that making choices that empower them in that way.


So, it is finding ways to express your freedom, create the life that you desire to co-create with the universe, to manifest with the universe what you desire, without allowing these external factors to say to you; 'you don't have the power, you don't have the freedom, you need to sit around and wait. You need to wait for this, you need to wait for that, you need to wait for this, you need to wait for all these things.'


It's going to just continue to be more and more reasons why you're still stuck. And you will have an indefinite amount of reasons to feel stuck if you choose to believe that someone else is going to tell you that you're free.


But if you claim your freedom, if you take back your power from all areas where you are giving your power away, if you say no more. And you mean it with fierceness and you use your gifts and the ways that you feel drawn to, that you feel a passion for, that you really want to show up in the world as. Then you're going to have tremendous manifesting power.

The abundance, and the prosperity and the magic. That is available to you as a gifted starseed human and it has not gone away. However, the illusion that it's gone has gotten stronger and stronger, and it will continue to persist for some time.


So, this is not about making all of that disappear as a starseed, it's not about convincing every person who doesn't want to see the truth. It's not about waiting for someone to come along and to make all the wrongs be right, so that we, we can have a free world, you can have a free life. It is not about this.


It is about you, deciding right now that you are free. You claim that freedom you take back your power from everything that is taking your attention away from your power. Be ruthless with your power, be ruthless with your energy, be ruthless with protecting your gifts. Your light. Your gifts. Your destiny here on this earth. It cannot be compromised, any longer by your own doing.


You must see that you have the power and you have freedom. Through this freedom, new ways of doing things that are aligned with highest and best of all can be created, but only if you see the freedom is yours to have. Only if you organize and attract more people with your dreams and goals and frequencies to come together in groups, and to create those dreams together. Can you see that these options are all available to you?


When you use your sense of innovation and creativity and allow yourself to see the avenues of how things are possible. If the old ways of doing things aren't working, it doesn't mean that it's over and and you're defeated, and you have to wait for someone else to fix it. It means you have the freedom to fix it yourself in your own way, with your own gifts and aptitudes and abilities. It doesn't mean that you have to take on gifts and abilities that you don't feel resonance with. It's about getting clear with what your resonance is and taking action in that direction and attracting the others to you. Finding the others who resonate with that and creating it together.


There's tremendous power in this in these awakened souls, finding each other, coming together and creating the new world. This is what's possible in the Age of Aquarius. This is a long age. And it's just beginning. So it's not going to be in one year, or one month that all of the patriarchy is going to fall and every wrong will be made right.

This is not what the Great Awakening is. 2020 was all about seeing all of the areas where you you don't have power, and where you give away your power, where others take it from you, and where you voluntarily give it away.


And now in 2021, you claim your freedom and you take it back. Take back your power and you start taking action in the direction of what resonates and feels aligned for your highest purpose. If you are not clear about what your highest purpose is, get clear, start working more with the higher frequency energies, with the Akashic Records with the energetic tools that are available to you to discover this, and then take action.


We want you to know that you have the power. You always have. It's inside of you. It comes from beyond the world that you are limited by all of the limitations you experience in the 3d physical reality of earth.


They are all illusions for starseeds. You can transcend everything with your consciousness. And that is the opportunity that is available to you on this planet, moving forward, from this point.


But that opportunity is only available to you if you seize it, if you claim it. If you stop allowing the illusions to tell you that you are defeated. If you stop allowing illusions to tell you that you're in a cage that you can't get out of. They're just illusions. They're just distortions. You have all the power. You have and you always will.


The more you know that, trust that, receive that and connect to yourself as a starseed, as a co-creator of your life. You tap into these higher frequencies of abundance, of creation. And you start creating from this place, you will be free.


You will be in your power, you will have all of the abundance. All of your dreams, becoming reality. And you will have the creation of the new world. A new earth.


It is not a new normal. It is a new earth. And you are one of the creators. That is why you are here right now. During this time, in this era. In this spectacular time for humanity. This is why you incarnated again in this lifetime is to be the creator of the new earth.


Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Take back your power and claim your freedom."


Channeled by Ashley Fontaine from the Akashic Records on February 11, 2021. 

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